Have an Updated Project Status By Tracking It Well

Have an Updated Project Status By Tracking It Well

Are you constantly worried about project status? It is tough when you must optimize resource allocation and manage costs, timelines, and risks. However, as a project manager, you must have a sane head on your shoulders as well as track projects effectively. How do you do it all simultaneously and without complicating things? In this article at My Management Guide, Eric McConnell shares how you can track your project to have an updated and well-documented project status.

How to Keep the Project Status Up-to-Date

Monitor Timeline and Project Cost Estimate

Start monitoring if team members are producing deliverables on time. That will help you discover project task delays. Postpone the tasks that you may not complete at the earliest to prevent running over budget on project costs if you run late.

Keep a Tab on Task Allocation

Maintain a buffer. Check how much time each member takes for which task to avoid rushing as deadlines approach. Ensure that you assign and evenly distribute tasks, so no member suffers from burnout.

Track Team Progress for Project Status Updates

There are various templates and solutions available to check project status. Find out a suitable one to help you get things done on time. Discover if the team members are properly addressing customer requirements when defining their tasks.

Look Out for Risks and Issues

Risk is inevitable, so better prepare for it. Respond to changes and solve problems before they halt the project mid-way.

Have a Bird’s Eye View of Project Health

While getting deeply involved with a project is expected, you must lift your head up occasionally to oversee progress. This will allow you to determine if your project aligns with current company goals.

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