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75% of Projects come in late or over budget* resulting in a loss of hundreds of billions annually in just the US alone.

There is a need for an advanced warning system.

We believe all organizations must be able to accurately predict underlying issues causing project problems or failure to address those issues before the problems manifest themselves.

AI and Analytics will transform Project management and TrueProject is at the forefront of that movement.

Learn more about TrueProject at www.trueprojectinsight.com.​

* Standish Group, Chaos Report

ITMPI & TrueProject Marketplace

TrueProject Marketplace was created to promote project management and information technology best practices and to make it easy and affordable for IT and Project Management professionals to stay educated and competitive in a rapidly changing, global landscape.

TrueProject has collaborated with ITMPI to provide an extensive collection of webinars, articles, and interviews featuring top IT professionals, authors, and consultants. This wealth of resources is readily accessible to individuals seeking to expand their knowledge and expertise in the field of technology as well as educational and career development.