How a Lessons Learned Register Helps Your Project

How a Lessons Learned Register Helps Your Project

How can you prove that you are on top of what is important to your stakeholders? It is through a lessons learned register that you started documenting from the project initiation phase. It also comes in handy when you are wrapping up the project. In this article at PMWorld 360, Sylvie Edwards shares how the lessons learned register helps your project.

Lessons Learned Register Perks

Do you document everything that happens in the sprints and iterations in the lessons learned register? Through the choices you made, the activities that followed, and the logged issues, you must also have gathered some knowledge. Though not very conspicuous initially, you will pat yourself on the back later for the precise documentation. This lessons learned register would help you understand how far you have advanced in the development lifecycle.

Beginning to Write

Most managers update the lessons learned register at the end of their project lifecycle. The delayed documentation is because they also want to log the stakeholder survey feedback. Additionally, it is true that you do not have much to document in the beginning. However, you will add more details as days go by. Sooner than later, you will be sitting on a goldmine of knowledge that you would have otherwise forgotten.

Since you have a lessons learned register for all the projects, you do not have to consult others to remember important suggestions. You could track the change in what your stakeholders considered vital then and what they think is essential now. You will have proof that you are on top of what is important to the stakeholders.

You also must deal with more projects in a month nowadays, let alone in a year. A documented approach helps you figure out the tiniest detail that might get ignored when you are simultaneously handling too many tasks. Furthermore, you must have answers at the tip of your tongue when you are dealing with stakeholders. It might be that the solutions you came up with for a project could be applicable for another product. Your lessons learned register could provide the perfect roadmap to solve problems faster.

A lessons learned register can be helpful in various ways. If you want to be efficient in team management, it is the most helpful document you can have by your side.

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