Learn More About Project Managers’ Responsibilities

Learn More About Project Managers’ Responsibilities

When you work as a project manager, it is your responsibility to meet deadlines and deliver the project as efficiently as possible. You are supposed to know your job well. Some project managers approach their job with an alarmingly narrow vision that does not leave much room for improvement. You need to consider learning as a consistent process and keep yourself open to new opportunities and experiences. In his article for DPM, Galen Low highlights different job responsibilities a project manager should focus on and deliver effectively.

Overview of Responsibilities

A project manager is supposed to monitor a project at three different phases:

  • Project initiation
  • Project development
  • End tasks

In the project initiation phase, you are responsible for quoting the budget and the resources your team requires to push the task to the next stage. Calculate a tentative time estimate to complete the project. When the project enters the second phase, your responsibility as a project manager deepens. Your duty includes creating an updated project brief and working in close coordination with your team to build an elaborate statement of work. When your project is in its final stage, it is your responsibility to keep your team focused and effectively communicate your ideas.

Tips for Improvement

Keep your team on the same page when you are working on a project. To do so, be consistent with your standups and check-ins. Apart from your responsibilities, spare some time for your team members if they have any concerns or questions. There will be situations where you must prioritize to complete the project on time. So, prioritize tasks based on impact rather than urgency. For example, there is a task that needs immediate attention, and it affects a handful of people. However, there is another task that does not require immediate attention but can affect several people. In such a situation, always opt for the second task first.

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