Nurture Strong Relations with All Project Stakeholders

Nurture Strong Relations with All Project Stakeholders

Organizational change is always disruptive, and leaders must be creative if they want their teams to be collaborative and innovative. A change program's success depends on the development of the right team and structure. Leaders rarely perform most of the work themselves, so the organization's success is directly dependent on the quality of the team they have cultivated. In this article at Forbes, Dana Brownlee shares four project management techniques to strengthen collaboration with all project stakeholders.

Four Ways to Foster Good Relations with Project Stakeholders

Project managers know that creating a highly productive and nurturing work environment takes a lot more than an occasional team lunch or a motivational email. While there is no single formula for success, project managers use various methods to cultivate that elusive high-performance team.

Conduct Meetings With Stakeholders Before Initiating Complex Tasks

There is a tendency for leaders to start work by sending emails (or even Slack messages) without coming together for an official meeting. A meeting is crucial to bring the key players together to clarify the key scope and identify potential risks. Kick-off meetings give leaders the chance to ensure everyone is on the same page before they start working.

Connect with Employees Early On

Numerous team members come together for a project for a limited time. Therefore, managers must build a positive team spirit early into the project. Managers should make it easy for team members to find similarities and connections, break up into groups, and foster team bonds with the help of various activities and tasks.

Know the Preferred Mode of Communication

Everybody has a preferred mode of communication. But few project managers pay attention to it. Understanding the preferred way of communication is beneficial for both the team member and manager in order to achieve early productivity.

Set Ground Rules

One quick way to improve team cohesion and collaboration is to develop ground rules for the team proactively. That can include providing advance notice of leaves, informing of meeting changes, setting a response time for emails, etc.

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