Want to Stay Organized? Learn How to Track Projects

Want to Stay Organized? Learn How to Track Projects

As a project manager, the most crucial aspect of your job is to ensure that your projects stay on track. Managing resources, maintaining a positive atmosphere among team members, and adhering to the time and budget are some of the significant struggles every leader faces. It takes proactive communication and preparation to guarantee success. In this article at tech.co, Isobel O'Sullivan explains how to track projects.

How to Track Projects: Tips for Success

Choose the Right PM Methodology

"Following a tried and tested methodology can help you structure and organize your workload simply and effectively, while choosing the wrong approach could hinder your project's progress," explains O'Sullivan. Most commonly used project management (PM) methodologies are versatile. You can apply them to virtually any pursuit, regardless of complexity and size.

Create a Project Plan

Good planning is a strong foundation for a successful and organized project. Invest the necessary time in making a good project plan. Your project plan must describe how you will execute, monitor, control, and close the project. Your planning is an official reference point for budget, timeline, roles and responsibilities, deliverables, and project schedules.

Set Milestones to Determine How to Track Projects

Are you wondering how to track projects by setting milestones? By establishing defined milestones, you can assess whether a project is on track and if you can hand over critical deliverables on time and within budget. The milestones can vary from one project to another. However, common factors such as project approvals, beginning and end dates of key phases, and internal and external meetings remain the same.

Delegate the Tasks

If you do not divide the work properly, team members may have unfair workloads. This will undoubtedly demotivate them and hamper your project's progress. Additionally, preventing your workers from showcasing their best skills could weaken the trust levels. To avoid project failure, you must suitably delegate roles and responsibilities.

The author also suggests that project managers effectively communicate, test the deliverables, gain valuable insights from the other leaders, and properly organize the workload to achieve success.

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