Why a Project Dashboard Is Crucial to a Team’s Progress

Why a Project Dashboard Is Crucial to a Team’s Progress

Project management is all about multitasking. You have to supervise, ideate, and execute several projects at the same time. Managing information related to different tasks can hamper your projects altogether. As a project manager, you should be aware of your projects’ progress. With stakeholders and senior leadership in the picture, you must have answers to all the project-related questions. A project dashboard is a highly operational system that can help you track your projects efficiently. In their article, Lucidchart talks about the benefits and implementation of a project dashboard.

A Project Dashboard and Its Components

Understanding the Project Dashboard

It serves as a pit stop where you can get all the necessary details about your projects, including metrics, scope, budget, and estimated time. You can decide the project metrics you want to focus on. You can also choose from numerous data presentations, such as pie charts, histogram, etc., that you want to use to decipher your data.

Dashboard Advantages

A project dashboard has several benefits that make it an obvious choice to be included in your project management process:

  • Makes your project management convenient
  • Boosts the efficiency of your work
  • Increases accuracy
  • Helps team members communicate and coordinate well
  • Serves as evidence in a time of confusion

An Effective Tool to Increase Productivity

The performance of a dashboard depends on the KPIs and metrics you choose. You can use business intelligence metrics, along with critical actions and project progress. Additionally, you may include team workload to process the necessary data related to your team members’ performance. You can mitigate risks efficiently by incorporating metrics associated with project risks and changes. The project dashboard enables stakeholders, C-suite officials, and staff members to access details that are central to a project. Those details can be about working hours, individual task status, and budget.

Features to Include

Make sure you incorporate real-time updates, instinctual navigation, and sharing options in multiple formats. Look for project tools that can help you export, import and formulate data from one platform to another

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