Why Engaging Project Stakeholders Is Crucial for the Evaluation Process

Why Engaging Project Stakeholders Is Crucial for the Evaluation Process

Whether you are an entrepreneur or an owner of a well-established organization, you must diligently track how your business manages projects. Evaluating how well your projects meet business goals is an integral part of successful project planning. It is here project evaluation plays a crucial role. By assessing your projects, you can collect information about the project, sub-tasks, and the performance of your team members. This article at MasterClass discusses how evaluating projects sets your team up for success and engages project stakeholders.

Benefits of Evaluation for Project Stakeholders

Project evaluation can lead to internal growth and external success. Additionally, evaluation can range from optimizing a budget to enhancing customer satisfaction and workforce utilization. “Project evaluations will increase your understanding of what’s working and what needs improvement at your company,” says the author.

Here are some benefits of project evaluation for stakeholders.

  • As project evaluations keep track of the progress and team performance, it ensures that project plans reflect the real needs and priorities.
  • The evaluation process develops an environment of trust and provides a platform for project stakeholders to raise their concerns and issues.
  • As the process involves stakeholders, it promotes transparency and reassures them of quality.

How to Involve Project Stakeholders in the Evaluation Process

Invite Stakeholders to Meetings

Ask them questions such as:

  • What do they think about your project?
  • What have they heard about the proposed project evaluation?
  • What areas do they feel are crucial to address in the evaluation process?
  • How available are they to participate in the evaluation process?
  • What are their expectations?

Involve Project Stakeholders in Key Activities

Involve stakeholders in activities throughout evaluation planning and implementation. The activities can include:

  • Selecting appropriate evaluation methods
  • Identifying methods to overcome resistance to evaluation and determining the benefits
  • Reviewing evaluation findings and making recommendations
  • Utilizing evaluation findings for project improvement

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